Spring Track registration is open!   We look forward to continuing our long and proud tradition of developing young runners.   We welcome and encourage children of all abilities.  Although there are number of details to work through related to Covid-19, below is the information for the spring season as it stand right now.

About the Program:  Spring Track is comprised of two programs, the Clinic Program (ages 5-8) and the Youth Program (9-15).  A runner’s division is determined by the age he/she will be on December 31st of this year.  For example, if a runner turns 9 at any time this year, he/she would be in the Youth Program.   This website has more information about the programs.

Youth (ages 9-15) Practices and Meets (tentative):  Practices are Wednesdays and Fridays from 6:30-7:45 at West Morris Central High School.  Meets are on Sundays.

Clinic (ages 5-8) Practices and Meets (tentative):  Practices are Mondays and Fridays from 5:30-6:30 at West Morris Central High School.  Meets will mostly be held at about 5:30 between Monday and Friday.

Registration Deadline:   Please visit our website to register online.  Late fee applies for registrations received after March 15, 2021.

Start of Season:  We are targeting on or about April 1, 2021.

Fee:  The fee will be $60 per runner.  We are an entirely volunteer program and all proceeds are used by the program.  The fee is not being collected at this time and payment procedures will be sent out separately.